Puff . Mixed media installation. 2008. The viewer enters the gallery space by entering the octagonal device that stands at its entrance. There is a video mounted to the front of the device depicting a woman in uniform beckoning the viewer to come forward. After the viewer enters, the doors to the device close automatically, and a sequence of events occurs: lights flicker, sound and music are activated, four fans which surround the viewer turn on and off in a rhythmic fashion, and finally,the fans all turn on high and a camera on a robotic arm swings out from the side and takes a flash photograph of the inhabitant. The camera then returns to its original position and the doors reopen, allowing the viewer to proceed into the gallery space. The gallery space has been transformed into a lounge area where those who have made the transition into the space can watch others do the same. It is not until the viewer gets into the lounge space that s/he becomes aware that the entire experience is being broadcast onto a large, semi-transparent, double-sided screen in real time for all to see. At the far end of the lounge is a cast iron keyboard with an accompanying soundtrack that continuously loops the sounds of typing and, periodically, of a phone ringing.